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PRODTY has been characterized by the development and constant improvement of its products, aiming to improve the competitiveness of them, mainly to compete in the international markets, what it has been already doing, having as result competitive products not only in the local market, but also abroad. Examples of these products are:

Gas springs Pro-Nitro: Systems, nitrogen gas springs, cylinders and nitrogen cushion, with adjustable pressure, to be used in stamping dies and injection molds;

Automation: It includes a complete line for stamping automation (Manipulators, Conveyors , Blank feeders);

Transfer: CNC or mechanical driven , with 1 ,2 or 3 axis to transport stamping parts between die stages;

QDC (Quick Die Change System): Developed and supplied mainly in the systems concept to get the changes of tools at levels of the best references of the "Benchmark".

The constant search for improvements that reach or overcome the best known references "Benchmarks", result mainly due to the Prodty professionals' experience, it made Prodty to innovate concepts, products, many of them patented, representing today over thirty patents in Brazil, USA and Europe.
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